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Patient Care

Mainstream Diagnostic Laboratory believes in healthcare for all

You would be surprised how much you can save by using Mainstream Diagnostic Laboratory. We get folks everyday with estimates from other labs. On average you can save somewhere in the area of 50%. Why is that? Simply put we are not a national lab, we serve the local community. We are conscience of the exagerrated cost of health care.

"We see a problem and we are doing our part to fix things!"

In the past few years we have noticed insurance plan out of pocket co-pay increasing to thousands of dollars. Most people have insurance but, never reach the out of pocket limit and basically end up paying a hefty insurance negotiated rate. So why do I have insurance if it doesn't cover me unless I end up in a hospital; at least that's what I ask myself? If you are a patient that doesn't have insurance when you try to get a price on some lab tests they are astronomical. Some poor brave soles will just put it on a credit card and make monthly payments. After all, your doctor did say you need these tests and some could actually save your life. So broke if you do and broke if you don't. Well this is where we do our part to help

Patients that have no-insurance, we promise to beat any laboratory quote on any test that we do in-house. Patients with insurance, the price you pay will be less than your out of pocket co-pay, it may even be nothing at all. Give us a call today; your wallet with thank you.