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The portal gives 24/7 availability to patients results and ordering

Affordable Healthcare

We are a low cost solution for patients without insurance, contact us about opening an account

Direct EMR Integration

For clients requiring direct intergration with their EMR program, we can easily provide this service; which allows a direct connection for placing orders and recieving results…

Community Based Ranges

We serve the local community. This allows a better view of the local demographic. Ranges vary by area and most state labs will not target base their refernce ranges.…

Mainstream Diagnostic Laboratory is Ready to Serve You!

At our lab you are not just an account number. We listen to our customer feedback and always look to implement new strategies to improve customer satisfaction.

If we see that providers are intrested in a trending test we acquire it. We have a pathologist available to answer any questions you might have.

We pride ourselves on patient care with same day turn around time. We also provide a solution for patients that cannot afford the cost of healthcare.Click Here

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Why Providers Choose Mainstream Diagnostic Lab

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